New content suggestions

I have been playing for a year now and love the game, but it is getting very grindy. No variety, line up different skins and bash at each other. You have a great setting to introduce huge variety. Make a Jar-jar bubble pop game with cosmetic prizes. Make a shooter/dodger game ala the old vector graphic star wars arcade game. Pod racing/escaping on speeder bikes. Let players/clans build a personalized fortress ( start with an improvable environment during teritory/grand arena battles - jungle gives bonuses to ewok teams, desert to jaws, etc). FPS defense of your base. ALL sorts of options and variety instead of line up and bash again and again and again and again ...
I also would like to see a neutral faction, wampas, most (if not all) droids, a few others should be able to choose which side they support. Lions are not dark side, bunnies are not light side - 99% of all life is grey.


  • New Ground Assault Battles Holotable! Imagine all the possibilities... done the same way as fleet holotable. atat (gen. veers) jabbas barge(jabba) wink wink nudge nudge... lol, and the jawa sand crawler (making them relevant?) could be cool "capitol ships" or whatever... :) smaller ships like the snow speeders or the imperial speed bikes could be used just like ships in fleet battles. A great deal could be done here adding a whole new element to the game while basically recycling a bunch of code! :)
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