Jedi Temple Guard Kit Idea


Jedi Temple Guard
Light Side, Tank, Jedi, Galactic Republic

Lightsaber Pike Assault Basic: Deal physical damage to target enemy and recover 5% health and protection. If the target had protection before this attack, remove 10% turn meter and grant all Jedi allies 5% turn meter.

Ancient Security Special: Deal physical damage to target enemy and gain taunt and defense up for 2 turns. If these buffs are dispelled, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1. (Cooldown 3)

Anonymous Sentinel Unique: Jedi Temple Guard has +20% defense for each Jedi ally and Sith enemy. While Jedi Temple Guard doesn’t have taunt, all Jedi allies are immune to turn meter reduction and gain 10% turn meter whenever they are damaged by an attack.
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