Grand Arena - BUG - Megathread

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are actively monitoring for bug and issues with Grand Arena. Please post your ally code and what issue you are experiencing. Thank you for your time!

Current Grand Arena Known Issues:
  • There is a rare chance the first time you attack a territory with no defense will cause the client to restart. You will not receive rewards or Banners for this battle that crashed but you will receive Banners and rewards for subsequent battles after the restart. This is not impacting all players but we are still investigating the issue and let you know when we find out more information.
  • Error 11 causing reboot of client after first win - patch is deployed

EDIT: Patch is live. Patch notes are here

For more information, here is a link to the latest update on the Grand Arena issues
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  • too late :(
  • 365-192-584 From first to every match I got kicked out of the game getting the error message which tells me to restart. got no banners and In one of the matches the game crashed midway.
  • 916-525-394. Error 11 after each of 2 offense wins
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We are actively monitoring for bug and issues with Grand Arena. Please post your ally code and what issue you are experiencing. Thank you for your time!


    Right after I won the match, i received an error and forced to restart the client
  • Does this mean you fixed the bug that is affecting everyone? Because you told everybody to hold off fighting until you knew more. Can we resume?
  • Seriously?

    Win a match, almost flawlessly, Crash, error code 11, game shows the win, zero banners applied to total.
  • 287-613-681 Reset after winning a battle
  • 963-838-751

    Game causes a forced restart after a victory. Upon reloading it counts the victory but no banners are awarded

  • 689 949 922

    I'm unwilling to try to play because of all the errors my teammates, and everyone here, have posted. That's the issue I'm experiencing.
  • 574-421-457
    Played a match, as soon as I won, got error requiring restart, error code 11.0.
    When I re-enter GA, shows 1 battle, opposing squad defeated, but no banners for the win.
  • 692-582-543 i won my 1st GA battle and no points granted. The game asked for restart
  • Ally code: 792-154-193

    I made two battles on offence, won both with no units lost, full hp+full protection. Error message with error code: 11.0. Popped up and game restarted both times. Both teams i defeated are shown as deeated and no longer available to be battled. The teams i used in offence are no longer available but i have no banners at all added to my score.
  • 869-514-612 Reset after winning a battles
  • 984 567 932
    I have won to battles In grand arena. I have received no banners for the wins. Both battles ended with an error and the game needed a restart3et2cbnc1w0o.jpg
  • See @CG_SBCrumb you didn’t specify, so now everyone who experienced the restart issues is going to post here and other bugs are going to get lost in the spam. Surely you didn’t intend for everyone affected by the restart bug to post their ally codes here. I’m sure tens of thousands of people were affected if not more.
  • Thanks for even making the content I enjoy good and bad times.
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    439-797-172 error message after both wins i had. Shows I have defeated the opponents 2 teams in the screen but banner is still showing as 540.
  • 115-671-811

    Same as everyone else. Game crashes, no banners awarded after offensive win.
  • 388-351-658 Crashed every time I won a battle, error code 11. Amazingly enough, it didn't crash when I lost a battle...
  • Grand Arena quests aren't progressing for me @CG_SBCrumb
  • Hadoopalot
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    Force restart after battle.
    No banners awarded for defeating an enemy team
  • 882-666-211 - When I won a battle I got an error code 11.0 and forced to restart.
    After the restart, I didn’t get awarded any banners for the battle.
  • Also gets the Error code 11, which occurs instantly after winning a battle in GA. The team I defeat is gone but I get zero banners.

    My ally code: 131-884-594
  • 516-346-857 Won the battle and received no banner. Error 11
  • Georgemi6
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    Whatever error causes you to not earn banners and restart the game after you finish each battle... I think error 11? Whatever the other guys say. Please fix this, and thanks in advance.
    Also I completed three battles with no casualties, 2 with squads of 5, one with a squad of 3.
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    Ally code: 119-923-781

    The game forced a restart directly after every attack (all which were successful). That is, the same instant the last enemy was defeated (no success screen showed) the game flashed a message where restart and forums were the only options. I have defeated all of my opponents squads and still have 540 banners, so no points were awarded for successful attacks.

    Upon restart, the enemy squads did show as defeated.
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