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  • 32058y9oppw4.jpg

    so both me and opponent attacked and killed one team, he got points I did not.

  • 427-137-333. Same as everyone else. Two successful attacks & restarts before checking here and stopping. Win is registered, but no change in points. My opponent is ‘And Gt’ - don’t know his/her ally code but three wins in three attacks for them (1 territory down)
  • 775-549-338 error 11
  • Nikarah

    Instantly kicked out after an offensive grand arena win, no banners awarded.
  • 529 931 865

    Won 2 rounds, no loss of chars. Right after winning i get an error about a network problem and requires restart. Restart the game then it shows animation of opponent losing but doesn't give banners. At first thought it was calculated after so did a second and same issue.

    Will you grant us the banners we won or can we just restart this round. Won't be fair to people if one of those 2 options doesn't happen.
  • 793-527-715
    Same as everyone else... Won a battle and got error message then no banners
  • 442 586 134
    Crashed 3/5 times when I won the battle. Got no credit points wise for any of them.
  • 851-534-545, attacked, won, error, restart, no banners, same as everyone else.
  • 253-762-292

    Same error message as everyone else.. Completed a battle with ease, as soon as the last enemy was defeated I got the error message forcing me to restart. Restarted the game, the team was defeated by I received no banners.
  • Kaziglubey
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    433-374-217 error code 11. Cleared a few 3 or 4 squads no points. All first try

    Perhaps roll back to start and let us redo everything add extra time?
  • JaaiaLandis
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    729 941 551
    Same as everyone else, error 11 forced restart after winning, both times. Did not get an error after a defeat. Opponent has won 3 battles, I have won 2. We both have the same amount of banners, so neither of our wins were recorded.

    Also, matchmaking was horrendous. We are at same GP but it’s obvious that this player has been in the game much longer than I have. They are at 1500 arena wins to my 500. They have more g12 on their arena squad alone than I have total. They have 13 zetas, I have 7. Their arena rank is in the 300’s and mine is in the 900’s. We are about 15 slots apart in fleet, both in the top 50. This is not a balanced match by any means.

    I’m guessing the disparity is from me trying hard to get multiple STR teams for my guild. That is probably messing with me here.
  • aikiman78
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    Error code 11. No banners, won 5 battles didn't lose anything
  • Won two battles and got error 11 each time. Got no points for thoes games but the enemy troops are gone from the table.
    Ally code: 773-756-496.
  • Shizzaren
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    867-289-698 i attacked enemy team, and as i won perfect (full health and protection) it crashed (like happened to a lot of other people). I did NOT get any banners, but cannot reuse team and opponent team is dead.
  • Ally code 111-442-313

    Everyone in guild is saying not to attack yet as none of the wins are registering. My issue is when can I attack and have my wins register? I also want to be able to pass on that info to guild. Thanks.
  • Ally code 264-997-496
    Error is in the photos attached gnvieaif91ju.png
    Forced restart after the win and no banners a0qlt1ib8s2h.png
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  • Ally code: 613-144-844
    My opponent has no Defense so I can’t attack anything to win
  • Gage356418 wrote: »
    Your opponents IGN is glorious
    They saw that doing nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
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  • 664382615 i already win but no banners for any of them6ddyf67d6bju.jpg
  • 512-481-463

    Same as everyone. Won all four rounds on offense. Got the restart message. No banners.
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    AceCV wrote: »
    So... 1st place rewards to everyone is your solution?!? Really? Even in the cases that opponents don't even set up a single defensive team? Great work folks.... at least have some decency for those who really care about the feature and analyse the data.

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    Poorly handled. Again.
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  • This dumpster fire is raging way to hot. Everyone should get first place rewards and was your hands of this. @CG_SBCrumb
  • 951-598-565

    Error 11 after 2 victory's, 1 of those with an understrength squad.

    No banners etc. Same for my opponent, their Ally Code is: 548-998-514. They have 2 victories with no banners.
  • 746 314 435
    After two flawless victories, I was forced to restart the game. When starting it again, the enemy teams were gone, but no banners were awarded.
  • 975-962-565.

    Won two battles flawlessly and didn’t receive any banners.
  • I get error code 11.0 after every win and have to relaunch the game. I have killed all my opponents teams and he has not even gone or attempted mine. score is still 450 vs 450??? i have nothing else to do?
  • image0.png


    0 banners from board wipe
    0 credits from 6 matches won
    0 quest progress for battles fought
  • Won two battles in GA and got the same restart message as the rest with no score update - 732-727-283
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