Bastila lead teams on last nodes

Any idea how to beat Bastila teams on last nodes. Her leader's ability works against of GW principle. GW is about big roster, that you can use your whole roster to weak node teams before finishing it with rest of the roster. But with bastila protection up, it gets reset each fight. So it is actualy reseting enemy HP. Just got one on last node. It is within the 25%, my top is 66k and this is 75k (but bastila alone is 19k so no way to remove her first to remove buff), but with 200% more HP that get replenished each fight and +150% tenacity that makes the team imune to any stun or debufs, there is nothing I can do at all against them.


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    A mirror match works wonders. Manual control is so much better.
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    A mirror match works wonders. Manual control is so much better.

    Hm i am 80lvl and that team was 84 so even if i had that strong bastila, i cant have her zeta tentacy talent and all their debuffs will land while none of mine will.
  • If you have a strong enough team to take out a character, then you can still weaken the team.

    If you don't have a team capable of at least this, you're probably out of luck.
  • Stun and ability block work great against Bastila teams. Even when I use my own Bastila team against them, I like to bring either Boba along for his ab.block or Old Daka for frequent stuns. I try to keep Bastila from buffing and take out the attackers first. You could also use a suicide team and let them use their specials before you send in your A-team.
  • Do the best you can to try and focus her down. Heavy Hitters, guys that call assists, whatever. It's the last battle so don't worry about splitting teams up(take ezra off Phoenix for example) but just try to smash her as best as you can. Yoda(if present) will wreck shop yes, but if you can kill her, then the other 4 jedi will be easier on the next battle. Retreat is your friend.
  • Crowd control if you can and focus fire to burn down the key toons: Yoda and Bastilia - Yoda is usually the frailer of the two.
  • I am now 80 lvl and several times i got against full 85 teams with bastila omega lead. Where 3 chars are maxed and 1-2 are less stars so it gets to my range.

    About Crowd control, no idea what you talk about i usualy get full lvl 85 team with omega lead with + 150% potency, and with that whole team resist what ever i throw at them and since they are much stronger and have some tanks they decimate me.

  • I can beat almost every composition but not team that regen 200% of their protecton at start of fight and cant be stuned or debufed at all.
  • Jedi in this game are garb, that being said they had to crutch them some how..
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