Asajj Ventress and Nightsister Acolyte bugs

First of all, I love your game!! Keep the good work!!
I run a Nightsisters team and it is getting annoying that Asajj debuff ability is not working properly yet, it REALLY should strike fear getting enemies debuffed from all good things. Please fix it.
Now, there is another bug (that I have watched just once today) with Nightsister Acolyte Sacrificial Magicks, it delivered the killing blow on an enemy but it didn't remove the debuffs on my team, I don't really know if this is an issue or just a one time error.

I'd like to add that I love this comp because every unit has a self-healing ability or anything like that, except for The Nightsister Initiate, would be nice if you give her one.

Thank you!!


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    I noticed the same and I believe devs already know of this problem.
    Especially the defense buff will never be taken off by Assaj her strike Fear.
    If it does work, it usually takes off 1 buff in total instead of 1 per enemy.
    Even when no buffs are taken off, she still heals for a small amount.
    Something is seriously broken there.
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    Thanks for reporting the Acolyte bug. She's my next Cantina farm after Talia and Consular are done.
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