Known Issues: 12/11/2018

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EDIT: Updated bug list. New bugs in red

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are aware of the conversation around the change in the Darth Traya/Sion interaction and we have been investigating how this could have changed in the recent Title Update. This is not intentional and we are finalizing a fix that we are plan to launch later week to address many of the issues in the Known Issues below. We wanted to let you know up front that the Sion/Traya interaction will be reverted to what it was prior to last week’s Title Update, IE Traya goes first and cleanses Pain BEFORE Sion checks if he should taunt.

Our intention is not to make changes to character interactions without communicating in advance, whether things like Nest, which was intentional, or this case which was inadvertent. We will fix the interaction between Sion and Darth Traya in an upcoming Update to how it worked prior to Title Update.

In the spirit of the sentiment above, we have found that there is a bug with Carth Onasi’s leadership causing more than one additional assist in multi-encounter battles. We wanted to be clear that this is not intended and we will fix this bug in a future patch. We do not have a timeline for when this will happen at the moment but we will let you know when we have a solid date for this change.

  • UNIT - C-3PO's ability bar (specifically his uniques) can obscure some raid layouts
  • UNIT - C-3PO’s Basic Ability runs partially off screen on 4:3 displays on when the client is set to any language other than English
  • GRAND ARENA - If either player does not set defensive squads at the start of the Attack Phase, there is a rare chance the client may crash when the following attack phase begins. The primarily occurs if you are on the Grand Arena battle map when the change from Setup to Attack phase happens. This can be resolved by restarting the client.
  • UNIT - An enemy Sion is taunting even when an allied Darth Traya cleanses pain at the start of turn
  • UNIT - Carth Onasi’s Leadership ability can make it possible for additional assists to occur in some instances
  • UNIT - Nightsister Zombie not taunting at the end of turn while affected by Darth Traya's Isolate
  • VISUAL - Some lightsaber are missing the glowing beam effect
  • UI - The last played node is not remembered by the client correctly
  • UI - Some fleet reinforcements are appearing in the wrong place on screen
  • UI - Some text is incorrectly displayed on devices with notches in their screen
  • UI - Page layout can become misaligned after using the Find tool
  • GUILD - Client may crash when requesting gear from the Character screen.
    Temporary workaround: Whenever you start the game go to Guild home first and check your guild roster. This should prevent any crashes due to this issue during this session. Subsequent logins may have the issue return if you do not check the Guild Roster.
  • QUEST - Mod quests in progress can cause infinite loading on the Quest screen
    Temporary workaround:
    1. Reinstalling the game will force it to load into daily activities first instead of the last viewed quest
    2. After that, you should not tap on the mods quests. Instead, go to Characters
    3. Tap on Darth Vader
    4. Go to find more shards
    5. Go to Available as Achievement Rewards
    6. Finally, this will allow the player back into the quests area in Achievements.

Please head over to Answer HQ if you are still experiencing technical issues not listed here.
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