Best Bounty hunter team

What is the best Bounty hunter team right now?


  • Not entirely sure since they got sidelined again. U will do fine with bossk lead tho
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    What is the best Bounty hunter team right now?

    Best at what? Raids, Chewy event, TW, GA, TB ?
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    Flurmp_pie wrote: »
    What is the best Bounty hunter team right now?

    Best at what? Raids, Chewy event, TW, GA, TB ?

    Raids and arena
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    i mean my guess is bossk embo boba aurra jango. those new BH are all so much better than old. not sure who best lead is tho given the match up. bossk is a safe bet with his zeta any time in doubt
  • Bossk is a great coverall with the boost to speed as well as tenacity and defense. Bobba is also a must. Jango as well. You can pick and choose afterwards but I like Dengar and Aura personally
  • For arena I run Jango or bossk lead. Jango, boba, bossk, cad and Raid Han vs empire; Jango, boba, bossk, cad and dengar vs Nightsisters; Bossk, Jango, Boba, cad and dengar vs Jedi (difficult to win due to high tenacity of jedi - if you can wipe yoda with boba's rocket early you might stand a chance). I plan to use embo and aurra as soon as they are geared.

    Keep in mind that BH lack TM manipulation (only a few like zam and greedo can gain TM). Therefore, my solution against such teams (like empire), is a fast team (hence jango lead) and to stun them (hence raid Han, to stop vader)
  • Arena is a tough one to figure out, based on where your shard is in maturity. Long term, BH rarely stay in the top rankings. But like others posted, the newer ones will almost always work better, if the gear levels and mods are the same.

    Raids, they only work well within certain phases. There are some videos showing the old doing well in P2 in heroic Sith, and the newer ones doing well in P3. I'm farming Jango right now.

    My personal focus was on BH's that I had already. They have proven themselves in other parts of the game, but cannot compete in my arena shard.
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    Flurmp_pie wrote: »
    What is the best Bounty hunter team right now?

    Best at what? Raids, Chewy event, TW, GA, TB ?

    Raids and arena

    They're not really arena viable currently.
    TW is bossk, sing, and jango leads with any
    GA same as TW, can make several teams.
    STR is embo lead p1 with double tappers
    STR P2 bossk lead with any
    STR P3 sing lead with any 4 plus nest
    Basically they're all great, if you know how to use em, and where
  • Should clarify, you don't even need whole teams with some combos. Jango L with Boba and cad can kill maxed meta palp lines with just those 3, for example (skill required)
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    With good mods you can somewhat compete in arena with Bounty Hunters.

    (For reference, I am in a May 2016 arena shard. I’m surrounded by Traya and Revan. My squad works well against Traya and EP. I have to switch to Bossk lead to beat the slower Revan teams. The faster ones I can’t touch regardless.)

    For raids, under Jango or Boba they do okay in P2 of tank raid.

    I had a run with Jango lead in the Pit that was 8.8 million (only Jango survived to P4). It was the only time I tried it to be honest.

    Zader or CLS lead are way quicker and easier to solo.

    In the Sith Raid Bossk lead or Jango lead can do around 2 million in P2

    Jango lead can do close to 2 millions in P1 with some good RNG

    All in all, they aren’t the best at anything but they are fun to use.

  • Best all around BH team is Bossk lead with Boba, Jango, Embo, and Dengar. It will work great in DSTB, tw offense or defense, sith raid, and GA.

    For sith raid, replacing Dengar with Aurra under Aurra or Embo lead ( especially with her topple zeta) is usually the way to go.

    BH aren't really great at arena, but you can make it to the top 100 or so usually running Jango lead with the same 5 toons as the Bossk squad.

    Aurra's lead works great for both sith raid ( equal to Embo's for damage), and offense in tw. It has the easiest to fulfill contract by far, no matter what enemy you're facing.

    I run two BH squads normally in tw. The first is the zBossk squad I mentioned at the start. The second is a zAurra thermal detonator squad with Cad, Greedo, and Zam, with a 5th added to absorb damage while the 4 BH stay stealthed. Usually the 5th is sun Fac, nest, or L3, depending on who is available. L3 is the best option, as she counters and applies offense down, while also cleansing debuffs off your BH. Zaalbar also works great as a BH tank if you run two BH squads.
  • You guys mention STR but not sure if you've seen the damage you can do with em in some lines.
    You can beat jtr in p1 easily with embo lead and double tap hunters+ bossk.
    P3 under sing can hit more than any team except revan, and you can use nest or another scoundrel if you don't have five hunters. And you can actually use both of these teams in heroic if you have all hunters.
    If you leave one out to make room for nest in p3, Ig88 can be used on droid team in p2, or jango lead on a scoundrel line there.
  • Personally, I've been running Boba in lead, followed by Jango, Cad Bane, Aurra, and Zam. Working towards Chex Mix though but what I run is good for campaign, mod challenges, etc.
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