Shortened Territory War Schedule for December

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We mentioned last week that we needed to change the upcoming Territory Wars schedule and we have updated the December Calendar with the latest info. In short, we have removed the rest of the Territory Wars from this month to focus entirely on Grand Arena. This is the first time everyone has been able to play this brand new mode and we want to give you as many chances as possible to try our inaugural run Grand Arena events.

I’m sure for many of you your first question concerns Territory Wars rewards you would have received! You will still receive comparable rewards for the removed Territory Wars as we will be adding the typical TW rewards into the Grand Arena for this month. We will have more info on the adjusted rewards in a future post.

NOTE: Due to how Territory War rewards can vary based on several factors, some players at very high GP brackets may receive less rewards depending on where they place in Grand Arena but the majority of players will receive more than they would have earned. The current Grand Arena event does not contain these additional rewards but upcoming Grand Arena events will have December’s Territory Wars rewards folded into them.

We will return to your regularly scheduled Territory War programming in January but now including Grand Arena with the standard 8 player tournament rewards.


  • We’ve seen a number of comments in which people are expressing a couple of concerns with moving the rewards from TW into Grand Arena events for December:
    1. Players lower than level 85 will not have access to Grand Arena, and thus would lose out on those rewards entirely.
    2. General concern that Guild Event Tokens will not be included.

    Working backwards, we will definitely be including Guild Event Tokens in the Grand Arena rewards for December.

    Regarding players who are below level 85, we’re working through several options about how to deliver these rewards (including GET) during this time and will have a follow-up message about that soon.
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