Server Update: 12/13/2018

Hi Holotable Heroes!
Today, 12/13/2018, we’re pushing a Server Update to address several existing bugs.

  • Fixed an issue with Grand Arena participation messages being sent to players that did not opt in
  • Fixed an issue with the 3.0 error message appearing for Grand Arena participants whose opponents did not set defensive squads
  • Fixed an issue with Grand Arena Banners not updating correctly
  • NEW FEATURE: Grand Arena Auto-deploy defenses
    We have added defense auto-deploy for players that set 0 defensive squads/fleets during the setup phase of any Grand Arena round. This auto-deploy sets units from highest to lowest power on defense so manually setting your defenses is still a far more effective strategy. This will only occur at the end of the setup phase if a player has set 0 defensive squads/fleets. Auto-deploy will fill units into defense until all defenses are filled or units run out, whichever happens first. This process could result in the player not having enough units left over for offense. After the first round, IE in rounds 2 and 3, if a player sets 0 defenses in setup phase, their previous round’s defenses are deployed at the end of setup/start of attack phase.

Known Issues:
This week’s known issues list has been updated with the following:
  • C-3PO’s Basic Ability runs partially off screen on 4:3 displays on when the client is set to any language other than English
  • If either player does not set defensive squads at the start of the Attack Phase, there is a rare chance the client may crash when the following attack phase begins. The primarily occurs if you are on the Grand Arena battle map when the change from Setup to Attack phase happens. This can be resolved by restarting the client.
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