Death Star Raid

Like many people, I like ships but there isn't much excitement in developing a roster. I think a death star hybrid raid could be awesome. P1 could fit in perfectly with the ewoks being farmed as a character phrase to get the shield down on endor. P2... p3 fight Tie Advanced. P4 take out the reactor.
Reward: Luke's X wing!


  • I’ve always thought it’s more likely that the battle of Endor (second Death Star) will be a future TB setting, and that the Battle of Yavin makes more sense as a ship raid—there wasn’t really a ground component there.

    If there is a Battle of Endor raid though, Luke’s X-wing won’t be the reward. Luke was otherwise occupied. I’ll take Nien Nunb shards please!
    I demand Grand Arena Elo ratings.
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