Update on Grand Arena Bugs

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have updates on some of the Grand Arena bugs. The second round of battles has just begun and several issues should have been resolved with the roll over. Please let us know in the various threads below if you are still experiencing the issues listed here since this round of battles has begun.

Hidden Defenses & Enter Grayed Out
If you are unable to see or attack opponent's defensive teams or the Enter button is grayed out, please post your ally code here if you experiencing this specific issue. This should be resolved with the start of attack phase.
UPDATE: We are currently handling the approximately 300 players who couldn’t log in throughout the entire Grand Arena manually. Please send in a support ticket if you are still locked out of Grand Arena and have not contacted support yet.

Infinite Loading
We have an Update planned for next week to address the infinite loading spinner bug but there is a workaround if you are experiencing this issue right now: Force close the client and restart the app. The next time you should have no issues logging in. If you are still having problems with endless loading, then head over to this AnswersHQ thread.

64,425 GP Teams
We are investigating the more than expected number 64,425 GP teams at occurred while Auto-Deployment was enabled for a short period of time. Please post here with the following information if you have experienced this by either fighting a team with exactly 64,425 GP or having your team deployed
  • Your Ally Code
  • Did you fight a team with 64k GP or was your team deployed 64k GP?
  • Who was on 64,425 GP team?
  • Any screenshots of this issue

Other Issues
Please head over the Grand Arena bug thread if you are experiencing an issue not listed here.
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