Arena Time Locking.

There is a huge issue with people time locking other players in Arena by making their fights last nearly 5 min. Someone time locking can easily pay 1-2 reset and lock down the first arena places for 15min. Not only this makes a player untouchable but also prevent the other players he is challenging from progress on the ladder.
So a good solution to prevent people from playing the clock like this would be to add a player timeout during the arena fight. So if a player does not issue an order to his team for 10 seconds then his character loses his turn and the turn meter moves forward. So waiting 4 min before finishing an opponent and locking down the ladder is no more an option.


  • Simda
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    Number 1 challenging number 3 should also lose his first place instead of timing out everyone but retain his position in a lose or draw situation.
  • theres a small 'lag' window to challenge in between the person refreshing matches... so if you are the 'victim' you can keep spamming battle to get a fight in...

    ... of course, this means you have to sit on your device for 5 minutes spamming challenge...
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