Grand arena keeps crashing on me.

against my last opponent and my current opponent today (12/15/18) my game has crashed during the middle of a few of my runs, (Crucial runs) specifically it has crashed during my ships run in GA. I have also noticed it has crashed once or twice during my character runs, luckily I can come back and take the team out, but it is very annoying to have the game crash during a run I know I can win.
Has anyone else notice the the game crashing during some of your GA runs? Am I the only one having this issue?


  • I have persistent game crashes during launching a battle in GA, when the game restarts it says the battle happened and no damage done and I can’t use those characters again. It’s happened multiple times and I keep losing GA events because of it. I run out of toons after all the crashes.

    I haven’t seen it as much with ships in GA though
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