mk 5 stun guns

I know that this thread will get buried quickly but can the developers please do something about them. Why did you take them all away? Have you gotten that greedy? Making it so we have to buy them just to stay somewhat relatively competitive. That's awful that you ar that greedy!


  • ChristophIV
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    Take them away from where? I've farmed enough salvage for two from the Guild Event store and shard shop this week.

    I think we should have more access ti them, but they haven't removed any of their possible locations.
  • HAAT and anything above teir 5 of sith raid. Also I must have the absolute worst luck of finding them in the shard store. They have been removed from guild store as far as I can tell as well. I have other guild mates that say the same.
  • I want to ask for a stun gun event. A lot of my toons are waiting for their guns!

    Alas. I am afraid to ask for it though. In this day and age it may just be better with the devil you know typedeal.
  • aikiman78
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    I feel it's a sad state of affairs. Why can you (CG and EA) just throw us a bone and either make them more readily available or give us an in game way to trade other extra gear for them.
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