Chat Restrictions in GA

There needs to be restrictions on whom a player can chat with in GA. Players shouldnt be able to in game chat with all the other players in the group. I think it’s should be limited to only your opponent just in case previous opponent wants to share your territory setup with the new match player.


  • When people want to communicate they will find a way independent of in-game chat availability. I would argue for further opening up in-game chat option especially to players in your arena and fleet shard. Why restrict whom you can invite for a chat at all (ok maybe put a limit of creating a max on 5 chats per day) but why not make it easy to communicate with the people you tend to battle often.

    I understand that some people don’t want to be contacted, but we could get an opt-out in this case.
  • Sure. There’s alternative communication methods but most are too lazy to go the extra step. Point being...Hate to have setup strategies shown by disgruntled players who lost.
  • Most players will be able to accept that they won’t win all the time without throwing a fit. And solid defensive strategy should work against most players in your GP range even if they know about it beforehand.
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