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Hey all,

Trying to find a good leader to put with Wampa for an under-sized squad for GA (Typically on offense versus Phoenix/Rebels). I normally run him under zVader in most other game modes for the DOT boost for both of them, however Vader is one of my defence teams in GA.

I'd run him under Boba but BH call pull off an almost perfect win on most of my attacking rounds.

I don't mind the slow grind to level up a character just to run with him alone. Or I might even have them sitting around gathering dust, which is even better. Any suggestions?


  • Rex.
  • It’s definitely Rex.
  • Vendi1983
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    Cool. Any reasons? Only ask because his lead is kind of underwhelming on paper compared to others.
  • TM all day long.
  • Again, Rex.
    His leadership is still great.
  • Kyno
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    BrtStlnd wrote: »
    It’s definitely Rex.
    BrtStlnd wrote: »
    TM all day long.

    This, and tenacity up to keep off daze when facing a team where that applies.
  • I put him under Boba for max DPS. Totally useless in def, but very good in off...
  • Vendi1983
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    I'll have to farm Rex eventually then. For now I'll just gear up Sidious for the CC/CD boost and DOTs. I'll roll from there.

    Thanks all!

    @banjo1071 it's purely for an offense team so it's all good. Not trying to hold anything with it. Advantage to Boba and Sidious is I can run them in TB too.
  • HK666
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    I'm in a similar boat, with my Wampa in GA.

    So far, I've used him with Storm Han to crush a Phoenix team

    and then in a full team of 5 that was really random, think it was Tarkin, Yolo, Wampa, Bindo, and Mission. It worked against a Poe lead (don't know why he was running Poe lead, but he didn't have zfinn and used JTR on offense) with full health on all and prot on some,

    So instead of setting a lead for him I've kinda used him as a flex spot to react to whatever the enemy sets down. No set lead really. I kinda want to put a stealth based team around him to see if that works and have that be my go to
  • As long as I can do Ice Breaker it's pretty much game over if there's a rebel on the other team. So Sidious would boost his CD and provide more offense by landing AoE DOTs. Might roll with it for a few attempts to see how it goes.
  • Rex lead and STH makes Wampa a happy wamper.
  • Smapty
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    88 lead with a team that can stack lots of dots from crits is a solid option also
  • Canderous Ordo and Sith Marauder. With Rex lead and STH.
  • Smapty wrote: »
    88 lead with a team that can stack lots of dots from crits is a solid option also

    I've always thought this combination would be a lot of fun but I don't have Wampa. I've done IG88 lead with Vader in Pit Raid for fun. IG88 lead with zzT3 in Pit is also fun because of how much damage droids end up doing with a ton of dots stacked. Might also be interesting to throw ROLO on that team just to see how many dots she could drop on the enemy with barrage.
  • This is why I love Wampa:

    Not perfect, I know. But it was G9 Boba & Zam, G8 Bossk & Cad, G11 zWampa versus a full G12 zHera/zSabine Phoenix team.

  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    This is why I love Wampa:


    Me too, wampa is my favorite character in the game, 1 gear piece away from 12
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  • Mine is just freshly unlocked, only 5*. I had most of the pieces ready to take him to G12 but you need 7*. Oh well. Use that one elsewhere.
  • Rex lead with wampa, stormtrooper han, visas marr and a dd or utility 5th is great. Especially against sith han gives loads of turn meter while getting hit and visas keeps helping him back up.
  • You are making ne want to farm the giant hug-rug but I have too many toons that need gearing. Gah! :p
  • @Rath_Tarr I am in the same boat but committed to myself that I'd at least unlock him and skip G12 and up gear for a few months. Totally worth it. Might even push for 7* before I start back in on gear, that way it's 100% done.
  • It's tempting but Wampa is a luxury I cannot afford right now. Need to finish g12'ing my arena team and powering up additional squads and pilots. Maybe in a couple of months.

    In the meantime I will just have to daydream about the giant fuzzy death-hugger! :D
  • I use wampa alone against Phoenix, until now 64 banners each time. He's g12 with both bayonets though
  • Vendi1983
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    Yeah only 5*. A man can dream I guess. Haha. 212 speed and 216% CD though.
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