Best new ships to invest in

I am currently just leveling up all my ships I have yet to get to level 85 mostly to help with the territory battle stuff. As far as investing into ships for the long run like grand arena and other areas that require ships which of the newly added ships are worth putting time into?


  • What's the cutoff for newly added? It's generally agreed that Houndstooth is a must have, and I'd add Xanadu Blood to the list for another source of breach. Anakin's fighter is pretty nice, but not farmable yet.
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  • Cutoff for me would be the newer bounty hunter ships as well as anakin ship. Again I'm just leveling up what's not already level 85 at the moment but just curious as to what of these is most effective in different events.
  • As above, bhs and geos are great teams for ga/tw.
  • I suspect the Sith teams are going to be very, very good.
  • Lando/Falcon

    Should all be on short lists as the ships are all great and get 2 for 1 with their node.
  • I suspect the Sith teams are going to be very, very good.
    I recommend taking a look at the B-28's taunt mechanics before investing in that.
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