Grand Arena Bug / Character Territory shows 3/3

Dear Friends.

In the Grand Arena there is a problem, every time in the Character Territory of my opponent it shows 3/3 teams and it credits him with 90 additional banners for set up. when 2/2 should be the right count. Therefore I always start the Attack Phase in an obvious disadvantage of 640 vs 730 banners.

By the way my side of the Character territory shows 2/3 so maybe this got started before ships were included in the mix and this is the origin of the problem?

thank you for your time!! hope you can fix this.



  • Liath
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    If you are over 4m GP you set 7 character teams on defense. 3/3 is correct.
  • Kyno
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    It can be confusing as the visual from the outside of the zones shows 2, but it states 3/3 inside the zone. It's also doesnt grey out the button if you only set 2.
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