Anyone else stuck on "Checking for Updates"?

I have already cleared the data and reinstalled the program but I am still stuck on "Checking for Updates" when trying to open the program.


  • I had the same issue but only on my home wifi. Netgear C6300, Spectrum ISP. Game works fine on Verizon 4G, my work wifi, friends wifi, etc. Tried rebooting router, changing dns to public dns vs Spectrum's dns with no luck.

    Finally thought of something really silly that shouldn't matter at all. Connected to my home wifi on the 2.4ghz channel instead of 5ghz channel and the game loaded in just fine. No clue why it matters at all. I tested by going back to to the 5ghz connection and sure enough, won't load.

    Might work for you or others? Super strange. If you aren't that familiar with that setting, most routers out of the box will be like NETGEAR33 and NETGEAR33-5G, try the non 5G connection.
  • Kyno
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    5G is higher speed but shorter range, so while you may be connected you can actually have worse signal strength.

    Anyway, this needs to be reported to Answers HQ.
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