3v3 Grand Arena!

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

The upcoming Grand Arena is going to have a different structure, this time squads are limited to a max of 3 characters. Battle Time will remain at 5 minutes and there will no Ship Territories. Read on to find more about the Grand Arena starting on 12/20/2018.

  • Characters only
  • 4 Territories each side
  • 3 characters per squad
  • Same Banner scoring as mentioned here

There will be more squads slots for each territory than previously as each squad only requires 3 characters instead of 5.
*Based on the lowest GP player in each group

  • Preview: Dec 20th
  • Setup 1: Dec 21st
  • Attack 1: Dec 22nd
  • Setup 2: Dec 23rd
  • Attack 2: Dec 24th
  • Setup 3: Dec 25th
  • Attack 3: Dec 26th
  • Review: Dec 27th

EDIT: Wrong Stun gun was displayed as a reward

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