[Mega] 3v3 Grand Arena!

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CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
Hi Holotable Heroes,

The upcoming Grand Arena is going to have a different structure, this time squads are limited to a max of 3 characters. Battle Time will remain at 5 minutes and there will no Ship Territories. Read on to find more about the Grand Arena starting on 12/20/2018.

  • Characters only
  • 4 Territories each side
  • 3 characters per squad
  • Same Banner scoring as mentioned here

There will be more squads slots for each territory than previously as each squad only requires 3 characters instead of 5.
*Based on the lowest GP player in each group

  • Preview: Dec 20th
  • Setup 1: Dec 21st
  • Attack 1: Dec 22nd
  • Setup 2: Dec 23rd
  • Attack 2: Dec 24th
  • Setup 3: Dec 25th
  • Attack 3: Dec 26th
  • Review: Dec 27th

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    Crumb just posted the 3v3 Grand Arena and I'm looking forward to it, except...


    The rewards... #5-7 get 0 zetas and the number of character omegas are pretty low. The stun guns you get is far reduced than stun cuffs we got for the same placement.

    I'm really looking forward to 3v3 but the reward pool needs to be less cheap. This is like weekly shipments where you start offering good rewards and then suddenly take a nosedive. Please don't ruin Grand Arena with meager rewards
  • And take a look, that's not even mkV stun guns, it's mk12. Not that it's bad, but it's very specific. I'm not liking these rewards
  • 3vs3. Nice. Teams we can test against opponents anywhere. Don’t like it at all. I will say it’s a great idea if I didn’t think it’s stupid
  • A game mode that changes every time it launches? Cool! I think ... yes, yes it does sound interesting!
  • Not this again.


  • The 3x3 format is a nice idea but fails with the number of teams that have to be deployed or used for attack. 22 teams for anyone over 4mil. The time to figure it out let alone the time to actually fight. Then you have the rest of the game areas to play.

    Then you have the missing rewards for those that would of gotten zetas in a TW, but in this format if you’re not one of the top 4 you just lost out on zetas you would of gotten in the TW.
  • Yeah, I don't generally post, but this is less than desirable. Without just useless complaining, CG I would prefer it if you prioritized TW's in the future as the rewards are more desirable to the majority of the community (from what I can tell) than these rewards are. Please read our words and think about this thread the next time an issue like this arises. Thank you.
  • Did they say GA will be run instead of TW or in addition to? Will be very disappointed if its instead of.
  • CG- with 3v3 how are we supposed to complete these quests that require you to fight with an undermanned squad? 2 vs 3??? Seems like a stretch
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    CG- with 3v3 how are we supposed to complete these quests that require you to fight with an undermanned squad? 2 vs 3??? Seems like a stretch

    I guess...don't?
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  • Why no 7vs7? Or 1vs1? Or 35vs35? Teams with 8 tanks, 7 healers and 9 supports would be awsome. And 5 minutes of battle of course. And why no ships? That’s mechanic racism. How can I kill Revan with 3 toons? I hope my opponents have less interest in this than I have. That won’t be easy
  • I feel the CG thinks that the rewards for the quests that they have running will make up for the lost zeta's.
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    Seems like this is probably their response to the people joining and doing nothing just to get their rewards. Now, you actually have to win to earn rewards.
  • TVF wrote: »
    VonZant wrote: »
    Did they say GA will be run instead of TW or in addition to? Will be very disappointed if its instead of.

    They didn't say, only that it would replace TW in December. And that they'd give us equivalent rewards, which has failed to happen.

    This is something that you and I definitely agree on. ;)
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  • Agh! Yay! This sounds a lot more fun. Better theory crafting, omegas and zetas! Great job devs, very excited for this.
  • What a crock. I went from getting zeta's in TW this month to now probably getting none because I keep getting matched against squads with revan and Traya. Thanks for nothing.
  • The rewards are terrible for a week of battling with 3vs3 teams we have little to no experience with using. Especially if you come in 5-8.

    So would you rather go back to when the rewards were no zetas?
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