Limited Time Only

Now we all know EA is in the business of making money, and as a company, that makes sense. This is why I do not understand the thought process of making the Kylo Ren pack limited time only, and having it end on Christmas Eve. You would think that with people getting money and I-tunes gift cards for the holidays, EA would realize this is the perfect chance to cash in on the Star Wars hype. Surely EA recognizes that with the brand new movie coming around during the holidays, it has created the perfect storm for people to be spending money on this game. Personally I see the Kylo Ren pack as a fairly good deal, given the fact that you gain almost 6k crystals, 2 guareteed 4 stars, and a bunch of shards for the new releases. However as someone who does not have the cash to go about spending hundreds of dollars on a free to play game, there is no other time that buying this purchase would be practical for me, as is most likely the case for many others. So EA unless you already have a massive plan for the holidays, I would recommend extending the packs time limit, or better yet offering this pack alongside the holiday one.


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