How to report a cheater?

Hey folks,

Ok, so I know I need to contact CG_LucifersDaddy, but I don't use the forums all that much and I'm struggling to see how to DM him. I click on his profile and don't see the message option I'm led to believe should be there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Vendi1983
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    If on your phone, click the message button on the black bar that shows up on the bottom (looks like an inbox with an arrow pointing into it). Then click to write a new message. Start typing in his user name and it will bring up a list of matching suggestions.
  • Click on the "envelope" icon on the top right of the forums. That will open your Inbox.

    Click "New Message"

    In the Recipients field, type CG_LucifersDaddy

    Compose your message and send it.
  • Ah, that's really helpful. Thanks
  • Drazhar
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    Spoiler from the future: the thing is either useless or it takes more than a week for them to start seeing into it. Result: you can pack the GA you lost against a cheater and forget it for good, you can tell your guild that the cheaters that made you lose TW will get the prizes and laugh their way home before they even see your message.
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