Accidental Chromium Purchases

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Hiya Holotable Heroes,

Yesterday, we changed the location of Bronzium Packs to save you some scrolling but many of you found out that a 2-3 year habit can hard to break. While it was in the patch notes, some folks accidentally purchased a Chromium out of force of habit (not that I almost did it myself or anything). Well good news for those so dedicated, we will give you one Chromium pack (350) worth of crystals back to you if you purchased one on accident between the patch release yesterday and 12:00pm Pacific today. All you need to do is send in a ticket from inside the game or head over to this page to access the support site. They will verify that you have purchased one within the time frame above and credit you the crystals.

Thank you for being an awesome community! Don't forget to look before you click!

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