Jabba the Hutt

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edited December 2018
Well ... After watching Capital Games introduce C3PO to the game, I've been thinking about the high odds of bringing the famous Jabba the Hutt to the SWHOG universe.

The Skills did not have time to think well about them, it would be nice if he had more than just the 3 skills I put into the art, but I hope it will inspire the Capital Games team.

1-Tail Attack: Perhaps a powerful attack like that of Traya that ignores the defenses of the target.

2-Corpulence: This passive ability is due to the Hutts' thick skin, grants additional defense bonus or perhaps more protection.

3-Hutt Cartel: A great Leadership for all bounty hunters and all scoundrels, on the same level as the leadership of Palpatine, Kylo Ren, Jango ... +30 speed maybe.

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