GA has no min GP requirement for hero.. = mode is a joke.

people placing level 1 gear 1 trash on back line and doubling up on number of offensive teams?

working as intended, or devs lack foresight, or can't be bothered to care...

TW has gp minimum of 6k gp ...
i figured this would have like a 10k gp minimum...
but nope.. no minimum at all.
what a sad joke.
showcasing this mode all month long, such an amateur release.


  • Fahrius
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    Why do you complain about it?
    You set nice defenses, hopefully they will take some protection and health from your opponent's teams, giving them less banners... And even better, they could need more attempts if they fail

    Now you... Are in heaven, you can just grab full points cuz g1lv1 toons, wont do anything to your 1 or 2 man team, you are winnning more banners... Enjoy the crappy strat that your opponent has used - Discord - Fahrius#1194
  • Fahrius wrote: »
    Why do you complain about it?
    its a sad joke. this can't be taken serious.
  • I don’t like GA. But as a contrarian (or maybe just someone who can recognize there is some good in the bad), I’ll say that I actually enjoy the forced strategy in how to deploy offense vs defense, what level squads to send out, who to match up against whom, and so on. 3v3 was a noble effort in forcing choices since no one plays the same way, and few if any of us regularly us regularly use three toon squads. There are gambits and stratagems on both sides. And they are nearly limitless. That’s fascinating and makes it interesting.
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