PIIAP is recruiting! Looking for 3.5mil GP and up Krakens that wants to join us and earn G12+gear!

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103mil = 43/50
Fully heroic with help from mercs. We are wanting to phase out the mercs and bring in permanent members to keep G12+gear at home.
Winning TW record (21-4)
LINE for raid command.
Reset is 6:30pm EST.
hSith launches at 2pm EST.

You consider yourself a Kraken and want to earn G12+gear? Want to join a fun community of great friends that constantly communicates on LINE? If so, we have a home for you.

All we ask is that you join us, have a swgoh.gg profile, and get on our LINE raid command center. My focus is to get this guild full of heavy hitters and once our roster is full, i will remove our lower GP members to make space for more Krakens!!


Game name: ally code:
Darthdane 692-331-561
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