Using one type of mod for a toon

Now when it comes to utilizing the best mods for a toon is it best to stick with one type of mod that best reflects the target toon? For example with emperor palpatine who specializes in stuns would he best benefit from all potency mods with speed secondaries? With the bonuses granted from using the same type of mods would this be a wise move?


  • Kyno
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    It's a balance that only you can really make work for you.

    In short yes. The best set bonus for the toon can really make that toon shine.

    But it also depends on the game mode and the team.

    Palp doesnt really need potency if he is the lead, he will have a fairly good potency without those mods.

    It may be more helpful if you ask about the specific team and area you are trying to use a toon and how to mod them there.
  • So then it would be best to create different loadouts for specific toons to better handle the holotable they are being used for?
  • Yes, I have different mod loadouts for arena, TW/GA, and raids for example.
  • I'm a stickler for each toon having a specific mod set. It's cool if you can make it work switching and more power to you if that's what you do but I don't move mods around.
  • Modding requires thoughtfulness and there are obvious stupid decisions.

    The most important thing is respecting a character's four core qualities:

    Health or protection
    Potency or offense or both
    Defense and/or some tenacity

    If a character has health restoration abilities then go heavy + health and % health and not protection. Stack it with enough defense to make that health restoration matter.

    I am working on a Mace Windy led Jedi team based on the toons I have to get my Jedi Knight Cantina title. I want all of then to have
    Type: 2x
    Primary: Health, speed, offense, + crit %
    Secondaries all the same.

    I want as fast as possible most health critting team.
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