Mode For Practicing?

Hoping in the near future for a mode we can just fool around with different squad arrangements, try out mods, etc. Would be cool if you could either set the opposing team to whatever you want, such as an Empire team, or even use one of your own squads to test defensive line ups. A mode completely set apart from GA and SA so it won't affect your lineups and there's no rewards at stake.

Any chance in getting such a request in the near future?


  • Galactic War.
  • Galactic wars probably the closest we’ll ever see
  • A very often requested feature since the game was launched and more so since GW has been "tamed".
    I'd welcome it too. :)
  • Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    Galactic War.

    This, yeah.

    But games like this limit how much you can play. Effectively you need to pay to play more.
  • Galactic War is a mode where you have prizes on the line. I would like a mode where you can have friendly practice games where nothing is at stake.

    Most people can sim the war for the prizes and since being able to, I have found I don't actually play the game as much as I sim everything. I do the arenas for the daily prizes and try to stay in the top 100 for both but it doesn't give me a chance to play around with different teams where nothing is at stake.

    While the idea of paying to play longer will always exist for a game like this, if other players are like me and do all the daily challenges and GA and raids and TB/TW, you probably spend 30 min to an hour playing each day. One mode where you can screw around doesn't impact those other investments.
  • Galactic war is not useful in testing teams ... 1 wampa can clear GW.
    So do you really think you're getting an accurate test of your gear 12 troopers lol
  • Also you can't set the teams you fight against
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