Need some help.

Here is my account:

1 I want to farm bounty hunters for Chewbacca, I'm not gonna get him this time but I want to be ready for the next time. I already have Boba and IG-88 and I'm farming Jango, but I need 2 more. I was thinking Bossk, he has a good ship too, and Cad Bane, because he's easily farmable. Are these solid choices?
2 I want to farm Jedi for Yoda, I already have him at 5* but I want to promote him. I already have Luminara at 7*, and I'm farming Kanan and Ezra. I also want to go with Qui-Gon Jinn. For the 5th I could go with Barris, JKA, Ahsoka, Old Ben or Jedi Consular. Consular is closest to 7* but he isn't very useful. He does have a ship though. Barris, JKA and Ahsoka are all good characters and all around 20/65 shards. Ahsoka has a ship but is in the same store as Qui-Gon Jinn. I haven't unlocked Old Ben yet so it would take some time, but he is needed for CLS. Who should I farm?
3 I want to have a solid Resistance team. Of course you need Finn, Poe and RT, but for the other I could use RP, R2, BB8 or Rey. I already have Rey and R2 starred up but I might be using R2 in my rebel squad. Which toons should I use?
4 If I don't need BB8, is FO still worth farming? If they are, should I use FO Stormtrooper and FO Officer or should I replace one of them with Kylo Ren unmasked? I already have the first two toons halfway to 6* and Kylo unmasked at only 4* but he seems a lot more useful. If I use him who should I replace?
5 I'm currently farming Baze, DN, FO Stormtrooper and Jango Fett, sometimes Bossk with hard battles. Are they all worth it? Are there any other characters I should farm from hard battles. I'm not interested in Revan right now, I'm already focusing on a lot of characters and ships and I don't want to spread myself too thin.
6 For ships you need 6 LS and 6 DS ships, are Umbaran, Jedi Consular and Poe's X-wing good choices for LS and FO Tie Fighter for DS? I don't really too much about ship arena so I'm fine with just the ships to finish the challenges, and build from there.
7 Is Cassian worth it to farm? I already have Chaze and Jyn and I can farm K-2SO very quickly in the GW store. Rogue One are good and needed for Territory Battles, but they aren't needed for any other event and I also need to farm IG-88, Kanan and maybe some Sith from the squad arena store.
8 I want to make a Sith team too, I already have Vader, EP, Maul and Dookuu and I'm farming DN. I also need Vader and EP for Empire. Should I farm any other Sith, if yes who?
9 Is it really worth it to farm Smugglers for the Smuggling event when I don't have even one smuggler geared or starred up yet, or can I just ignore them?
10 Is a droid team with HK-47 (L) still viable, or should I drop them. I have Jawa Engineer and Sentinel Droid.
I know it's a long post, but thank you for any help.


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