What I want for Christmas...

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Dear Santa (CG/EA)

First off, thank you for all of the wonderful events that we have had the past several days and for all of the upcoming ones. Being able to get so many wonderful things has been a really great gift. Also, thank you for the free Territory Wars rewards. With the abundance of events to play, one issue has presented itself. At a time of year when we are spending time with our friends and family, spending so much time playing this game with all of the events, the Galactic Arena, and the Territory Battle on top of our regular gameplay has become a bit much.

So, what I am asking, is something that others have asked for in the past, but in light of the current abundance of additional things to do, I thought that I might ask again. Can you please give us the ability to sim every tier of every event that we have achieved 3 stars on? The Omega Battles already have this feature. The first tier of the Mythic Events (Grand Masters Training, Artist Of War) already have this feature. Can you please grant me (and others, I'm sure) this very small Christmas request?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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