Unfair matchups in 3v3

The last GA included ship battles, and matched players based on total GP. That was fair. But I put more investment in ships than most people, and in 3v3, it's still total GP matchups, despite the fact that there are no ships. This is not fair! I'm going against a guy that focused only on characters, and he put his best on defense and was able to clear me without issue. I didn't have enough to even clear 2 territories!! Please match us with CHARACTER ONLY GP if characters are the only part of battle!


  • Grand Arena is a complete failure. It is unbalanced and boring AF. To me, it is just a total lack of imagination from the devs. We ALREADY have Territory Wars.... it’s THE SAME THING......Borrrrrrring
  • Maybe your roster is a failure for the mode. GA is fine.
    >:) So what? I want Krell!
  • The problem is that GP isn't a real indication of the power of someones rooster. Even if you just count chars and not ships it wouldn't match equal opponents together.

    e.g. one player levels all new toons up to 50 to save the mods somewhere instead of selling them because of this limited mod space he will have a much higher GP value than he should compared to another player who concentrates just on a few teams etc.

    The other issue with GA is that it gets very boring and annoying over time 'cause it feels like work instead of a game. We have (had) christmas, and playing up to 11 battles every other day (if you just need one fight to win of course) is a lot of time you'll need, beside arena, tb, dailies and so on. If there is no significant change in the kind of competition of GA it may end like ship arena battles which most of players ignore!

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    I can assure you that my roster is fine. Rewards are lacking along with entertainment value..
    3v3 is a joke and as mentioned above, it is time consuming and boring. Lack of vision and creativity.
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  • Ok, sorry my aggressive behaviour.
    >:) So what? I want Krell!
  • There are several imbalances and I think that's a better word than "fair." Right now there are a handful of teams that even if you had a Character GP that was 500K better you still couldn't win without having them unlocked, geared, and zeta'd. I can't tell you how many higher GP three-man squads I put up against the unbalanced Nightsisters defense... or what's it like having an opponent with my same GP who somehow has a maxed Treya. It's things like that which throw Grand Arena into crazy space.

    They've simply built too many potential squads without decent counter squads. That's all.
  • I have clearly spent over a year wasting my time with this game as I am unable to even compete in this mode. Can I vote to have it removed :(
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