Needing Leadership Knowledge

I have been a leader of a guild for around two years, but I have no idea on how to make my guild progress faster. Any ideas?


  • Push your guys to get 600 daily, push for roster development towards HSR readiness. Develop a B level guild and appoint a player to run it. A. HEROIC focus, B. Causal focus. Achieving the regular heroic rewards will light a fire under the motivated.
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  • You need to monitor their activity. Anyone IA for 7+ Days Remove so you have all active players. You also have to make sure you keep your members up to keep the raids rolling so if you are having a hard time getting people to join then kick 2-3 and once your roster goes up to 50 kick 2-3 more until you have a guild full of active players. Then you can set a GP requirement to join and keep kicking 2-3 players at a time who dont participate on more than 1 occasion and every time your roster gets to 50 decide who has been missing the most and let them go. During this time if you get any strong players to join make them an officer if they seem level headed and dont allow them to kick anyone without your permission. Its a slow process but it works. You just need active players that will keep producing raid tickets and keep all 3 raids going for the gear.
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