Any chance we'll see force unleashed comtent?

With the arrival of c3p0 to round up the original trilogy toons and the odds of seeing any new toons from episodes 1 thru 3 being highly unlikely will we ever get to see starkiller and others from the force unleashed franchise? Sure we still have sith revan and malak to go but with so many potential toons to choose from is there a real potential? I dont see too many new ideas from the final new star wars film coming along except maybe new copies of Rey, finn, and perhaps supreme leader snoke as a legendary but honestly I'd like to see some force unleashed toons


  • There is no such comtent in the chalendar yet.
  • If the players keep supporting the game there is no end to what will come out ( as long as the engine holds up too).
    I can’t see force unleaded being too high in the pecking order though- we have episode 9 obviously, more releases from the first 8, KOTOR II all ahead of it for sure - as well as Mandoloriqns, Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance. SWTOR probably would be next - and of course an OBI movie if it happens.
    The force unleashed is pry ahead of “Star Wars Droids” but maybe still behind “The Freemakers”
  • i'm hoping to get more game content, especially republic commando
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