Twas the Night Before Chewie

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Seeing that it's still the holiday season, I thought this could be fun. If you hate it, that's on you.

Twas the night before Chewie, and all through the Shard,
Not a bounty hunter missing, they were all farmed on Hard.
The gear was all placed and the skills all upgraded,
Every chance possible, the Cantina was raided.

The Holotable Heroes were nestled and charging their phones,
With visions of Meta once their Rebel team's grown.
CG_Carrie in her 'kerchief, and CG_TopHat in his, well, hat,
Had just settled down for a long overdue nap.

When in the event there arose such a clatter,
I opened Galaxy of Heroes to see what was the matter!
Switched over to Chrome and went to the forum
Read post after post by CG_SBCrumb for a quorum.

The Game Changes on YouTube, yes, they can assist
Watch a few videos and I'll get the gist!
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Bounty hunters with Zetas and my hope turned to fear! worry was mounting,
The Rebel team, on Chewie, they were counting!
More rapid than ever those mats did I spend,
I just kept on going, right up till the end.

"Now! Boba, now! Jango, now! Embo, and Aurra,
"On! Bossk, on! Greedo, on! Dengar and Zam Wessell;
"To the top of the Leaderboard! to the top of the Grand Arena!
"Now zeta'd! zeta'd! zeta'd all!"

They sprung to the event, and started to fight,
And down went the Rebels, though it took half the night.
But I heard them exclaim, as the event came to and end,
Happy Chewie to all, good to see you old friend!
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