Screen issue in Chewie event

Because I am not able to submit a new questing on (the submit button just do not work) I have to post it here.

Last tier of Chewie event has screen issues, I tried game restart, device restart, reinstall and so on, but issues still occur.

Device: iPad Air
iOS: 12.1.1

@CG_SBCrumb @CG_Carrie @CG_RyDiggs


  • Same here on android (galaxy s9)
    Makes the 24000 retreats and retries even more unbearable :D
  • This was the last straw for me toop1ly9vf6zc63.png
    , iphone 7+
  • Sewpot
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    My screen does that all the time when I go to look at my mods. Sometimes it comes in clear and the rest of the times it’s half the brightness. Only that section for me.
    iPhone 8+
  • At least the event is so easy, so we saw it only once :smiley: (irony)
  • Kyno
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    Posting it here doesnt do anything. It needs to be reported to Answers HQ.

    You need to fill in all the boxes to be able to submit, not just the ones with a "*". This includes the box at the bottom.
    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

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