Zeta Bossk or Boba Fett for leader?

The rest of my team will be Dengar, Zam, and Greedo for the detonators. I like Bossk because the heals his zeta gives when you throw those detonators out, but Boba Fett's turn meter on detonators seems valuable as well and I have a lot of really good potency mods to throw around.

I've got Bossk at g12, Boba, Greedo, 88, Dengar, and Cad Bane at g11, Zam at g10. Bossk is double zeta'd, the rest are full on omegas but no other zetas. I've been getting brutalized so far, but that could just be RNG. Any squad composition substitutes are welcome advice.

(Also, since this is a 12 day event, I'm not super worried--I feel like I'm close, so can always get at least one more gear level on some key character if needed.)
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  • Bossk lead, swap in cad for Zam and DONT overuse detonators. They have Rolo as lead, and gain tons of TM each time they gain debuffs. You should be fine with Bossk, boba, dengar cad and Greedo. I don’t have dengar and had to swap in 88, who is terrible for this event, and still won after several restarts. Dengar will help significantly, just keep restarting until he prevents stealth on chewie.
  • I used the same team your talking about and did it within an hour. Didn't really notice any issue with TD usage.
  • I have zeta lead Bossk, but cleared tier 7 by boba lead.

    Boba lead is pretty good with your great potency mods.
  • Yeah, good call on Boba. I wound up using Boba, Bossk, Dengar, Zam, Greedo. Spammed all attacks on Chewbacca, then Han.

    Lost Greedo and Zam, but their opening Detonators really helped dent the protections and give more TM.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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