Looking for active players to join one of our 2 independent guilds! Traya Shards at both!

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Pit Crew / Death by the Dozen

Greetings holotable heroes! We are 2 independent guilds looking to recruit some new members. Between our two guilds, we should have a good fit for players wanting to excel in all areas of the game! The Pit is our upper tier guild for end game players that are looking to succeed in TW and TB. Death by the Dozen is our relaxed requirement guild that is primarily focused on being able to complete HSTR without the aid of our sister guild. The two sections below are quick snipets of each guild with a quick overview of rules for each and a summary of what we can offer you.

Pit Crew is our elite guild focused on end game activities. We are fully heroic with Traya on farm and are very organized to provide maximum rewards for our members. We require 2.8M GP minimum with a focus on TB, and meta TW squads. We also expect full participation in all areas of the game and players embracing the simple rules below will be rewarded with a rich community of Star Wars and Galaxy of Heroes enthusiasts!

HSTR launches 7:30pm CST and is open for damage 18 hours later at 1:30pm the next day


Pit Crew
  • 145M GP
  • Fully Heroic
  • 42/44 TB Stars
  • Discord participation and swgoh.gg registration required
  • 600 Raid tickets a day


Death by the Dozen is a friendly guild looking to expand a little bit and gear up so we can complete HSTR without the help of Pit Crew. We are looking for players that are around 2M GP or higher, are wanting to play TB/TW/HSTR daily and have a solid HSTR squad base. If you have really strong HSTR teams but are below 2M GP Don't Worry! We value participation and engagement over pure GP or skill. Though we consider ourselves easygoing, we do have a few things we require. Primarily, we require you to join and use Discord. Secondly, we value event participation. Daily activity in HSTR, TB and TW are required.


Pit Crew is currently assisting us with a little boost through current HSTR's. We expect to be fully operational ourselves in January 2019.
Our raids start at our refresh time which is 6:30 pm CST.


Death by the Dozen
  • 100M GP
  • HAAT/HPIT farm as tickets allow
  • HSTR completion and Traya shards
  • 34/37+ Stars in TB
  • Discord participation and swgoh.gg registration required
  • 600 Raid tickets a day


Please contact me here or on discord so we can get you invited.

Discord ID
  • Nosirrahdrof#0363 - Death By The Dozen
  • Slick Rick#3408 - Pit Crew

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