Daring Droid January 2019?

So 2018 is about to end. When will be the next Daring Droid Event? Do you think we can hope for R2 rolling into battle in January 2019?


  • Yeah I’m confused as to why we don’t have this event yet too
  • Normally the regular daring droid runs before the mythic... as i can see it's running right now, however, i haven't completed the regular one and can't see it on my game...
  • tihrr
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    @Kozispoon said made a post for the holidays in 2017 and said "And similar to BB-8's Mythic Event, R2-D2's will return everytime the Legendary event is run." So seeing as R2-D2's mythic event is supposed to be running for today and tomorrow, where is the daring droid regular event? It is listed as 12/28/2018 - 12/29/2018. @CG_SBCrumb
  • TVF
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    These are special "happy holidays" mythics. Normal rules don't apply.
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  • SWGOHevents.com says January 10th
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