after more than 400 attempts and 5 hours .. I have chewi 7*..

I have to say that I finally achieved chewi 7 *. Of course, after more than 400 attempts and more than 5 hours trying. It seems to me an absolute madness and that developers should look at it .. I did it with G12 Boba Greedo cad Bane, G11 IG88 and Dengar g9 .. to all those who are trying it, a lot of encouragement


  • I recently finished tier 7 as well. I was annihilated about 100 times, never even came close. Then out of nowhere beat it easily, all 5 BH still standing, full health.
  • yeah got mine also..did it with G12 boba, dengar, greedo, g11 cad and zeta..2 hours plus of 100 attempts then suddenly got him.
  • Same here, many many many many many hours of retries later RNG let Dengar (G9) and zBoba (G12) survive long enough to take em down.

    Went with the Chewie/Han/Lando/Leia/R2 using stuns at the right times on the right users was IMO key. Taking Hans TM with greedos second turn after dropping Therms worked better then doing TM then Therms for some reason
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