after more than 400 attempts and 5 hours .. I have chewi 7*..

I have to say that I finally achieved chewi 7 *. Of course, after more than 400 attempts and more than 5 hours trying. It seems to me an absolute madness and that developers should look at it .. I did it with G12 Boba Greedo cad Bane, G11 IG88 and Dengar g9 .. to all those who are trying it, a lot of encouragement


  • I recently finished tier 7 as well. I was annihilated about 100 times, never even came close. Then out of nowhere beat it easily, all 5 BH still standing, full health.
  • yeah got mine also..did it with G12 boba, dengar, greedo, g11 cad and zeta..2 hours plus of 100 attempts then suddenly got him.
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