Mod Inventory Cap Increase or Removal

So all these events the past week are awesome! I'm loving having so much to do and so many rewards to reap. Except... I can't really reap the rewards effectively because I have about 20 mod reward packs in my inbox. The pain of selling mods just to be able to accept rewards makes me not want to even bother. Can you guys please revisit the mod inventory cap and either remove or increase it? I used to level up all toons to 50 so I could use them as storage space, but with TW and GA that isn't a smart thing to do anymore (which, by the way is another issue since encouraging us to not level and gear toons goes against the spirit of the game... see Zombie for exhibit A...).


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    The problem with increasing or removing the cap is that it doesnt solve the actual problem. We will still have a bunch of mods we wont use or even look at. Having a cap forces us to do that or lose out on potentially good mods.

    I will leave this here in reference to your zombie comment.
    ...At its core, this strategy primarily breaks a core tenant/rule of the game - investing more deeply in a character should always be better in terms of gameplay outcomes; more health, more damage, more functionality, etc. This is a game about strategic resource management and you should be rewarded for strategically investing in a character. People who did this investment were then punished, because there is no way to “level down” a character. This doesn’t always perfectly hold up, but we do our best to hold to the spirit of that core pillar as much as we possibly can....

    Here is what I found where they talk about strategic investment in characters and strategic resource managment.

    They also state the core is about investing more into a character gives you more.

    In their own words they are talking about wanting strategic development to be a core tenant of the game and that it should always benefit the player to do so. This still holds true for GA. Some have done it more than others and are benefitting from it.

    For those of us that have wider rosters, there will be a longer development curve, but that has always been the nature of the game. Very few are ready for a new raid or game mode when it comes out and there are always "wasted resources" that hurt our development into the "new thing". We adapt, we develop and we all try to get better. At no point will anyone stop developing their roster and get better at GA, that would be against what they have stated was the issue with 'paper zombie'.
  • How, exactly, would increasing the mod inventory cap not solve my problem, which is running out of inventory space for mods? My problem is not evaluating mods and missing out on good ones. It is not being able to move mods around or accept the rewards because they are capped out. I would argue that having a cap is actually causing players to miss out on potentially good mods because they are forced to sell a mod before having a chance to invest in said mod or lose out on mods awarded by events because you only have 3 days to claim them and have to make rash, hurried decisions.
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