I need help with Chewy event.

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I am half **** so I didn't get Dengar, I've tried over a dozen times to beat the even with no luck. I get steam rolled every time. Any advice or tips help. All 7* bounty Hunter have all their zeta abilities and still can't get far because everyone is too squishy except for boba and bosk. I stuggle just to activate contracts.



  • more speed, r2 will eventually miss stealth on chewie, just retry untill it does
  • What should their speeds be?
    Bosk: 207
    Ig-88: 181
    Cad Bane: 147
  • all above 200, except bossk - mine was at 242. the real instruction is - wait for r2 to miss stealth on chewie. eventualy, that will happen. restart, until it does. trigger contract, kill chewie, rest will be easier. guildmate buffed cad bane and greedo, told us they did most of the dmg.
  • @OneTwo I'll quote my post from the other thread w/o Dengar. You definitely have the gear levels for this event:
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    You can do it. Here's how I would approach it if you want to get 7* this time (and not bother with Dengar):

    1. Mod Bossk to be the fastest. Boba to be right behind him with maximum Crit Damage (set + triangle). IG88 should be third fastest (more on that below).

    2. Mod Cad, Greedo, and IG88 for Crit Damage (on triangle, and set if possible) and offense cross.

    3. At battle start, if R2 uses smokescreen, just restart. Don't bother attempting unless he uses basic or AoE. Will save you a bunch of time. You MIGHT be able to win, but the chance will be so low that I would just restart. This is the step that those with Dengar can avoid, which saves a considerable amount of tries!

    4. If Bossk gets stunned, restart.

    5. If Boba gets stunned, restart (if he doesn't get killed and revived w/o stun that is).

    6. At this point, you should have Bossk, Boba, and 2+ others available. Bossk uses his Taunt. Boba uses execute on Chewie (should remove most/all protection). Bossk immediately follows with Hunting Party which should eliminate Chewie (or close to). If you have to, finish Chewie with IG88 BASIC (DON'T USE HIS AoE IN THIS EVENT!).

    7. Use Cad's Stun and Greedo's Threaten to control R2. You want to avoid him popping smokescreen until you can eliminate Han.

    8. From here it's pretty much gravy. Try to kill Lando next, but you'll likely have to target R2 down because of the smokescreen - and land some timely debuffs for the regen.

    My brother was able to beat it with slightly lower gear than you w/o Dengar, so it's definitely possible! Good luck!

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    OneTwo wrote: »
    What should their speeds be?
    Bosk: 207
    Ig-88: 181
    Cad Bane: 147

    Also...yeah, you should have AT LEAST +80 speed on Bossk and/or Boba (where are your speed arrows?!?) and minimum +60 on the others. This would be considered "bad" mods, but could probably do the trick.

    Mods are 100% the issue if you are struggling with this team. I literally ONLY modded Bossk with arena mods and the others with average/bad mods and beat it on my 5th try. Without Dengar, you'll have more tries, but you should be completing it no problem :)
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