Guild chat on/off

Please oh please oh please oh please, can you PLEASE allow an option to turn off guild chat?! There is nothing more obnoxious than being deep in a fully engaging battle and have a wall of text pop up. You pause to clear it from the screen, get back to it, then another one. And on and on. We already have Discord, so.... Really, it makes no sense at all to me there isn't a simple toggle, why only notifications and not all chat? It really destroys gameplay. I can check in when I'd like rather than be bombarded by a Q&A.


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    Go to settings and click on chat settings. It can be turned off there
  • Liath
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    I *think* that it only pops up messages for the window you are on, so if you open a new chat window and leave it clicked on that you might not see these messages.
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