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My current squad for taking on Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the Tank consists of Datcha, Han Solo, Commander Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn and one other. The fifth member of the squad rotates (its currently Ahsoka Fulcrum) but repeated plays has shown me that ideally what I need is someone to remove the occasional speed debuffs on Han Solo and Commander Luke.
Ideally I'm looking for a character that can remove all debuffs from the squad at once
Which characters can do that and, more importantly, which do you think would be the best fit for this squad?

Thanks! :-)


  • HK666
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    Link your roster so we can see what you have.

    Cleansers include Ackbar and Chirrut. Tenacity up, from Rex of Chirrut can speed down from landing in the first place.

    R2 with a zeta can let your light side characters self cleanse after a crit,

    Consider Hoda as well
  • Jarvind
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    Replace Dathcha with Ackbar. He can cleanse/heal and adds tons of assists. Assuming that your Han and Luke have decent speed (and Ackbar adds another +15), they should be able to keep the boss's turn meter down without dragging along Dathcha's dead weight. If you still need more TM reduction for the last spot, there are plenty of options - top of my head, Bistan and Jyn Erso both have it. You could even toss Rex in there (TM reduction on basic) and add another cleanse.

  • P1: CLS + HanSolo
    And click “auto”
    Then Grievous will be defeated soon.
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