Small brag and a small tip

Finally got Chewie to 7*.

After hundreds of attempts with zBossk lead and getting absolutely nowhere, I found all the potency I could find without sacrificing too much speed and loaded up a g11 Boba lead (no zeta), g12 Bossk, g11 IG88, g11 Dengar, g11 Greedo squad.

About 5 attempts later, Greedo landed 7 crits and burned Chewie down. Then I took out Lando, then Han, then Leia, then r2. IG88 and Greedo went down but they did their job. And Dengar got shot first by Han and stopped r2’s stealth.

It was a pure RNG fest but I managed.

Total potency across all BHs was around 400-450.


  • About 5 attempts later, Greedo landed 7 crits and burned Chewie down.

    Yeah, that's just such a rare occurrence. I have 87.71% CC on Greedo, so with the 10% from Boba's lead, he's at almost 100% CC. Since he has a 50% chance of an extra attack on a crit, I should be seeing an extra attack roughly half the time....after many, many, many attempts, he's getting an extra attack about 1 out of 10 times. My Greedo is G11 too and he's just so squishy that he doesn't even survive the opening salvo half the time...and if he does, have to hope Dengar got hit with a crit to block R2's stealth and that Boba didn't get ability blocked so he can hit Chewie with Execute and then hope that Boba crits on Execute so he take away most or all of Chewie's protection before Greedo goes...and then you're hoping that Greedo can run off his crit train on Chewie. There is a lot that has to go right.
  • You’re right, a lot has to fall perfectly into place, which is why I said it was a pure RNG fest in my original post. If it makes you feel any better, my Greedo hadn't chained ANY attacks in about 25-30 attempts. I moddedy squad with a ton of potency and protection so Greedo could survive the opening, and then hoped for the best. I’m fully aware I got the perfect flip of the coin.
  • It's a sound strategy though....given what we have to work with. I finally got through it about 40 minutes after I posted, lol.
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