Minimum Squad Power to unlock 5 star Chewbacca

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The account I play on my computer managed to unlock chewie using the classic Bossk, Boba, Dengar, Bane, Greedo team. They were modded for potency of course under a Boba lead to allow most to survive the initial onslaught.


Total potency was just over 210% so nothing crazy, but sure did allow for a buffer to the damage.

Nobody over G9, total GP just under 50K.

Account was level 81, just turned 82. (was planning on putting a zeta on bossk if I hadn't unlocked him by then)

Before changing some mods on a couple for more potency, I was struggling. After doing that and getting the potency up I had no trouble. I near completed the first attempt but retreated out to see just how lucky I was. Got to where I would have won(several BH left with just Lando or R2) 7 times before finally finishing it off. I would say about 15-20% were victories.

Of note: Make sure Bossk goes first(or at least before Boba) so he taunts then Fett executes Chewie with all the buffs. Bossk can then finish chewie or use net on Solo if Chewie is gone.

Would like to see others report if they were able to use a lower powered squad to complete the unlock.


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    Here’s what I used to get him at 5* last time without Bossk and obviously with R2D2 bug (TDetonators/Combat Analysis)
    I think your team clearly shows that Bossk makes a big difference - that whilst it’s possible without him - collecting and gearing Bossk, Boba, Dengar is key! Plus avoid IG88! (And also avoid Zam unless Boba is leading).
    Nice Job 👍

  • On my phone with an Embo lead I beat it flawlessly with 69K power. Interestingly enough, only one counter during the opening salvo(someone shot Lando back).

    I saw someone elsewhere was succesful in the upper 50s. I'm a numbers/stats guy so I'd like to see how low we can get the number for a successful Chewbacca unlock.
  • My son beat it with 43K power. Account level 78. I don't think you will be able to get it any lower without Sing, Embo, or Jango. Maybe a Cad Bane instead of Zam, but someone has to take the initial barrage and die that isn't essential.


    For those who haven't unlocked him, don't give up.
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    I was able to get 5* with the following 53k team:

    Boba L, 7*, G9, lvl80, 4x potency mods 2x crit chance, pot 78%, CD 186%, ability lvl6/7 (maxed basic, death f/above, dead or alive)
    Dengar, 7*, G9, lvl74, 6x potency mods, pot 86%,ability lvl7
    Jango, 5*, G8, lvl80, 6x potency mods, pot 99%, ability lvl6 (shrapnel blast 7)
    Cad, 7*, G8, lvl70, 4x speed 2x potency mods, pot 49%, ability 3/4
    IG88, 5*, g8, lvl70, 6x potency mods, pot 79%, ability 3

    I used a crit damage or crit chance triangle on all of them.

    K-order: chewy, han, rolo, lando, r2
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