Jedi Master quest: TW wins impossible without TW

I know that with grand arena the development team is very busy right now but I am finally on the last tier of the jedi master prestigious quest and I can't progress without TW wins. The problem is that TW's are on hiatus. The requirement is already super difficult as is considering the breaks in between, it would take about 2 months and some change to pass it if your guild consistently wins (which for my guild is like every other TW). The rewards are already super low as is considering the effort (I got like 8 zetas for doing nothing in GA but really the only thing I want from this month long quest is a title). Please address this.


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    This really needs to be addressed. This was one of their quality of life updates and now they have, pretty much indefinitely, postpone something that a lot of us are really looking forward to getting.
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