DontBBL8 we are looking for stand out skilled players- 215mil+GP with 2spots

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DontBBL8 Was Formed Day One And Is Still Under The Same Leaders.


Focused on growth as a guild & keeping things fun for long term players. We do not run multiple guilds and do not allow children or people who can't communicate in an adult manner.

Our Focus Is On Territory Wars, Grand Arena and TB Special Battle Rewards. We Are Looking For A Very Active Individual With Well Balanced And Built Teams.


*4 Mil GP+ (exception can be made for lower GP with proper factions built and modded)


*Chewbacca (or ready to unlock next time)

*C3PO (or ready to unlock next time)

*Earn 600 Guild Tickets Daily (this is monitored)

*Offer Advice And Strategy To Other Members

*Be Willing To Post Video Or Screenshots That Encourage Better Game Play

*Register On

*Join Guild Discord Chat

How We Raid:
All Raids Start At 5:00AM PST With Zero Damage Register.

Sith open to attack at 6PM PST
Tank open to attack at 7PM PST
Rancor open to attack at 8PM PST

Max * LS/DS TB
We Have Won The Last 15/20 TW
Sound Like Your Kinda Fun?

Message Me Here
Or Discord Chat Sirwescot#6409
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