Modding Ewoks for C3PO Event

If using the main ewok team of chirpa, logray, paploo, elder and wicket, how should they each be modded for the c3po event? Could anyone post what they used so we can get a consensus for those of us looking to get him during the second run of the event? Thanks!


  • Put a zeta on Chirpa lead. Keep Elder alive and you should be good targeting Chewie first. I just went with speed and kill order.
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  • I focused my mods on speed first and then health. The opening round of attacks is so random that, if you're trying to beat it with less than G12s, there's no point in trying to make the Ewoks tanky...they are just as likely to die or survive anyway. You're better off with speed to get in as many attacks as possible after the opening attack to get Chewie out of there as fast as possible. CC/CD and an offense primary on the cross for Wicket or Scout is helpful too since that's your primary damage dealer. Other than that, I would go with health over protection because the protection will get burned off quickly and you'll be dealing with revives from Elder to keep you in the game....once revived, protection stats are useless and you'll get more benefit from upping their health so they have more health when rezzed.
  • As always, MOAR SPEED. Speed is your only god now.

  • DarjeloSalas wrote: »
    Used this team on Auto - cleared 7* on second attempt

    Chirpa (zeta) g12 - Speed & Health mods, +121
    Elder g12 - Speed & Health mods, +112
    Logray g11 - Health mods, +106
    Paploo g11 - Potency and tenacity mods, +94
    Wicket g11 - CC & CD mods, +100

    In the failed attempt I lost wicket early and EE was stunned, plus Chewy was stealthed.

    Second attempt was easy on auto after Chewy died
  • Wicket 275 with 222% cd
    Paploo 245
  • Thanks for all of the comments so far!
  • my LogRay is way behind and with no farmable nodes, can’t imagine I’ll get him to 7* by the next event. Will I be ok without him if I use Ewok scout instead?
  • Post your info
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  • DarthGazza
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    I got him with

    Got all my speed mods on them
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